Cooperative Project Agreement (CPA) Restructuring

Geographic Technologies Group Deliverables for Phase 1: Examine the CPA’s Existing Environment, Conditions, and Future Needs

Deliverable 1:  Multi-Agency Stakeholder Identification and Description

Stakeholder Identification Report

Deliverable 2:  Questionnaire

Short Questionnaire Responses

Long Questionnaire Responses

Deliverable 3:  Kick-Off Workshop and Technology Seminar

GTG Presentation materials 

GTG Kickoff Meeting Materials

LCOG Kickoff Presentation Final (pdf)

LCOG Kickoff Presentation App Links and Descriptions

Deliverable 4:  GIS Stakeholder /Partner Interviews

Report coming soon!

Deliverable 5:  Multi-Agency Cooperative GIS Working Sessions

Scheduled for the week of October 22nd

Deliverable 6:  GIS Needs Assessment Findings Presentation and Report

Expect by or before January 18th