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Funding Proposal for FY22-24 MPO Discretionary STBG/TA/CMAQ Funds:

The Metropolitan Policy Committee (MPC) will hold a public hearing June 4, 2020 for a proposal to program roughly $22.3M of the MPO's discretionary funds. The proposal includes funding for 19 transportation projects and programs in the Eugene-Springfield urbanized area. 

The materials linked to below provide details of the funding proposal as well as the 23 funding applications submitted for consideration.

Cover Memo: FY22-24 Funding Proposal
Funding Applications (one-page summaries)
Funding Applications (full applications)

Public is invited to provide comment through June 28, 2020. 

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The following amendments to the 2018-2021 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP) are proposed: 

Comments on the following proposed amendment will be accepted through June 4, 2020:

STIP Key: 21168 (Lane County)
Howard Elementary & Colin Kelly MS traffic congestion mitig 
Project Description: Install pedestrian activated flashing light at Maxwell Rd and N Park Ave and install new sidewalks on east side of N Park Ave between Maxwell Rd and Howard Ave (Lane County & City of Eugene) to reduce congestion and improve air quality.
Proposed Amendment: Slip the Right of Way phase from 2020 to 2021 for obligation ($45,000 CMAQ funds)

Comments on the following proposed amendment will be accepted through June 9, 2020:

STIP Key: 16840 (ODOT)
OR 126B (Main St) Ped Improv (Springfield) Phase 2
Description: Construct mid-block crossing with pedestrian activated beacons at various locations.
Proposed Amendment: This project is completed. Right of Way and Utility Relocation phases were not needed as part of this project and need to be canceled to close-out the project.

For all of the public comment opportunities you may comment by mailing, emailing, providing comment online or in person at the public hearing (if applicable).



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Contact MPO Program Manager at Lane Council of Governments Paul Thompson at 541-682-4283, or via email.