Boundary Changes

Boundary changes include annexations, withdrawals, formations, dissolution, mergers and consolidations. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provide services to local governments, private business, and individuals for all aspects of the boundary change process.

LCOG staff has a comprehensive understanding of the statutory implications and complex interrelationship between cities and special districts and their boundaries within Lane County. Cities and Lane County rely on LCOG staff's expertise to accomplish complex boundary change actions that are now processed by multiple local governments.

Examples of services we provide to local governments include:
  • Developing code and local policy language, application packets, processing requirements, and decision-making procedures
  • Providing in-house staff training for the implementation of new boundary change procedures
  • Assisting with public hearing preparation, agenda item summaries, ordinances, and associated mapping
  • Providing training and/or assistance compiling individual boundary change database information on the Regional Annexation Boundary Information Tracking System (RABITS)
  • Providing training and/or assistance for submitting boundary change information to the Department of Revenue (DOR) to ensure boundary change approval for tax revenue purposes
  • Providing training and/or assistance for completing the steps necessary to ensure a boundary change filing meets statutory requirements in a timely manner with the secretary of state, county clerk, and county assessor
  • Providing timely research of historic boundary change files (1969 to 2008) when requested, and summarizing state statutes and administrative rules applicable to annexations, withdrawals, formations, dissolution, mergers and consolidation
Examples of services we provide to private businesses and individuals include:
  • Initial coordination with local government to determine application-specific requirements
  • Completing individual local government boundary change applications, from pre-application to adoption
  • Writing or reviewing Department of Revenue approvable legal descriptions
  • Researching and summarizing applicable local government code requirements, state statutes, and administrative rules specific to the proposed annexation and/or withdrawal