Improvement Ideas

During the spring of 2012, the project developed a variety of ideas for improving transportation in Springfield for all users (bikes, cars, pedestrians, rail, freight, etc.). The public had opportunities to review the information on this website and at a public open house; these ideas were evaluated through the TSP process, along with comments that were collected.

In May and June 2013 the refined list of potential project ideas were reviewed by the public through an online questionnaire, on this website, and at a listening station.

2013 Potential Project Ideas

  • Map 1 - Shorter term priority projects (PDF, 1.13MB)
  • Map 2 - Opportunity projects (PDF, 974KB) - These lower-cost and scale projects would generally not require right-of-way and could be implemented as opportunities arise.  
  • Map 3 - As development occurs projects (PDF, 964KB) - These projects would generally be implemented through a partnership with the city, other agencies, and private enterprise to support new development or redevelopment.
  • Map 4 - Long term priority projects (PDF, 1.04MB) - These projects may become short or medium-term priorities as conditions in the city change. It is important to identify these projects in the TSP to allow the city to pursue a variety of funding sources and opportunities.
  • Map 5 - Study area projects (PDF, 1.04MB) - These project ideas focused around areas would need further study before being built and could eventually be prioritized as short, medium, or long-term projects as refinement studies are completed.
  • Map 6 - All Projects (PDF, 1.16MB) - These projects, including transit projects, are still being vetted and developed through the Regional Transportation System Plan process.

2012 Improvement Ideas