Project Information


In Oregon, every city, county, and the state itself is required to have a Transportation System Plan (TSP). Every TSP needs to coordinate with the other TSPs of nearby cities and counties, as well as the state's.

Historically, long-range transportation system plans for Eugene and Springfield were developed as part of a regional planning effort. The last update to the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area TSP (TransPlan) was adopted in 2002.

This TSP is Springfield’s first city transportation plan that is not being prepared as part of a regional plan. The Springfield TSP is consistent with the Regional TSP and has been coordinated with the City of Eugene’s TSP. The Springfield TSP is completed and Eugene is currently preparing their plan now.

Current Project

The City of Springfield completed a planning process to determine what transportation improvements are needed to meet the long-range (20-year) needs of Springfield’s residents, businesses, and visitors. The TSP will serve as the transportation element of City of Springfield’s comprehensive plan. Click on the schedule below to view a larger more detailed version (updated January, 2013).


The TSP was developed to comply with Oregon’s Transportation Planning Rule (TPR) and to align with the Oregon Highway Plan, TransPlan, and other local and state policies, plans, and rules.

A draft TSP was published for public comment in fall 2013. Comments were reviewed and considered as the project team revised the TSP. The final TSP was adopted locally by the Planning Commission and City Council in spring 2014. The adopted TSP includes a project list that can be incorporated into city, county, and state transportation plans and matches potential funding sources to the identified projects.