The City of Springfield is conducting a planning process to look at how the transportation system is currently used and how it should change to meet the long-term (20-year) needs of Springfield’s residents, businesses, and visitors. Through coordination with community members and affected public agencies, the City of Springfield will develop a plan for improvements of all modes of transportation in Springfield, including the roadway, bicycle and pedestrian, transit, and rail networks. The Plan will also include a transportation improvement and financing plan.

This project will result in a Transportation System Plan (TSP) for Springfield and an update to Springfield’s portion of the Regional Transportation System Plan (RTSP) being prepared by the Lane Council of Governments.

The TSP is being prepared in coordination with the Oregon Department of Transportation, Lane Council of Governments, and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development. This project will also closely consider local, regional and state policies, plans, and rules, including the Oregon Highway Plan and the region’s transportation system plan.

Your involvement in this project is very important to transportation planning in Springfield! To learn more about the history and purpose of the project, read about the project background. You can also review who will likely be involved in the project and how to get involved in upcoming events and meetings. You can also send us your comments and questions (we will respond if you ask us to).

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