Project Information

The 2031 Regional Transportation System Plan (RTSP) will update the policies, projects, and strategies that guide transportation planning and investments within the Central Lane MPO, in Eugene, Springfield, and Coburg, until 2031. The region is expected to grow to nearly 297,000 people by 2030. This is an additional 51,000 people that will live in the region; almost a 20 percent increase from today.

The region needs to put into practice policies and actions that will address the future needs and challenges of a growing population, while improving safety and mobility. The project will also:

  • support the region’s economic vitality
  • combat green house gas emissions
  • reduce air pollution
  • protect and restore wildlife and natural areas
  • promote equity in access to transportation options
  • promote human health through active living

The 2031 RTSP will do all of this with an ambitious and innovative set of policies, goals, and objectives that will link land use and transportation decisions to promote sustainability and use public funding responsibly. The RTSP will look at all transportation modes: cars, transit, bikes, and pedestrians, as well as freight movement and regional aspects of air, rail, and inter-city bus service.

The last update of the RTSP was TransPlan, which guides planning and development in the region until 2021. The TransPlan was most recently updated in July 2002; a fully updated version of TransPlan was adopted in December 2001.

Graphic that shows the connections between the local TSPs and the Regional planning efforts.

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During the RTSP update, Eugene, Springfield, and Coburg will be developing their local TSPs. LTD will be working on their Long Range Transportation Plan and Point2Point Solutions will be developing a RTOP that will apply approaches and policies that will help reduce congestion and provide better transportation options, whether people are driving, walking, biking, or taking transit. These two plans will look at the entire region for solutions. These concurrent planning processes provide a rich opportunity for collaboration and coordination. Above is a graphic depiction of the relationship between the planning processes.

The regional planning process thus ensures that the planning activities and investments of the local jurisdictions are coordinated in terms of intent, timing, and effect. Projects in the RTSP are initiated at the local level and state level (i.e., within the planning processes of the cities of Eugene, Springfield, and Coburg; Lane Transit District, Lane County, and the Oregon Department of Transportation – ODOT).