Phase 1 Resources (2010-summer 2013)

Documents produced for the Eugene Transportation System Plan are available below. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. Materials created during Phase 2 are available on the Phase 2 Resources page.


Project Ideas - October 2012

Based on the information collected from the public, the information was refined and reviewed by the Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) in October 2012.

The project developed a framework of goals, objectives, and policies, which shaped the project ideas listed in the screening results memo and figures (above).

Existing Conditions Report – March 2011

The Existing Conditions report gives a "snap-shot" in time of the way that the transportation system works in Eugene today. It looks at the roads, bike lane, mixed use paths, railway lines, freight, and other transportation modes. These documents include comments collected through this website.

  • Existing Conditions Report (PDF, 2.11MB)
  • Appendix A - Oregon Highway Plan (OHP) Tables (PDF,12 KB)
  • Appendix B - State Transportation Investment Program (STIP) List (PDF, 316KB)
  • Appendix C - Central Lane TSP Projects (PDF, 149KB)
  • Appendix D - TransPlan Policies (PDF, 190KB)
  • Appendix E - Lane Transit District Capital Improvement Program (CIP) List (PDF, 24KB)
  • Appendix F - Eugene Capital Improvement Program (CIP) List (PDF, 87KB)
  • Appendix G - Traffic Analysis Methodology (PDF, 515KB)
  • Appendix H - Traffic Volumes (PDF, 2.11MB)
  • Appendix I - Crash Data (PDF, 1.4MB)
  • Appendix J - Existing Conditions Technical Worksheets (PDF, 222KB)
  • Figure 1 - Study Area Focus (PDF, 6.7MB)
  • Figure 2 - Metro Plan Land Use Designations (PDF, 6.2MB)
  • Figure 3 - Base Zoning (PDF, 6.8MB)
  • Figure 4a - Activity Area: Central Eugene (PDF, 3.6MB)
  • Figure 4b - Activity Area: South Hills  (PDF, 6.4MB)
  • Figure 4c - Activity Area: West Eugene (PDF, 4MB)
  • Figure 4d - Activity Area: Northeast Eugene  (PDF, 3.3MB)
  • Figure 4e - Activity Area: River Road and Santa Clara (PDF, 3.2MB)
  • Figure 5 - Roadway Function Classifications (PDF, 7.2MB)
  • Figure 6 - Freight Routes and Rail Facilities (PDF, 7.1MB)
  • Figure 7 - Study Intersections (PDF, 15.2MB)
  • Figure 8 - Intersection Performance (PDF, 544KB)
  • Figure 9 - Streets with Capacity Constraints (PDF, 543KB)
  • Figure 10 - Intersection Safety (PDF, 546KB)
  • Figure 11 - Pedestrian Facilities (PDF, 1.6MB)
  • Figure 12 - Bicycle Facilities (PDF, 1.2MB)
  • Figure 13 - Transit Routes and Facilities (PDF, 1MB)
  • Figure 14 - EmX Routes (PDF, 330KB)
  • Figure 15 - Eugene Airport (PDF, 851KB)
  • Figure 16 - Waterways and Pipelines (PDF, 519KB)

These resources help provide background information for the TSP.

Past Meetings

Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) - October 8th, 2012

The purpose of this meeting was to review the future no-build transportation conditions and discuss project ideas and identify any projects that TCRG participants think are fatally flawed.

Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) - February 15, 2012

The purpose of this meeting was to share the revised goals and objectives developed at last meeting and to discuss possible ideas for projects and programs to address transportation needs.

Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) - October 21, 2011

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how the Sustainable Transportation Analysis and Rating System (STARS) framework could be used to inform the Eugene Transportation System Plan and, more specifically, identify and prioritize the Plan’s goals and objectives.  Goals and objectives were used to evaluate potential actions, projects, and funding priorities in the new Transportation System Plan.

Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) - August 2, 2011

The topics for the August 2nd meeting were bicycle, pedestrian, and transportation demand management.  

Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) - June 30, 2011

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss transit’s role in the city’s long-range transportation vision. State and local transit experts Tom Kloster from Portland's Metro and Tom Schwetz from Lane Transit District presented on experiences and best practices from Portland and Eugene.

Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) - June 1, 2011

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Climate Change and Energy Uncertainty. Rob Zako from the Oregon Sustainable Transportation Initiative and Matt McRae from the City of Eugene spoke on this topic.

Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) - April 20, 2011

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the connection between transportation and land use, as well as the State’s planning system.

Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) - March 16, 2011

Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) - January 5, 2011

The purpose of the meeting was to set the stage for the Transportation System Plan process.

Sustainable Transportation Analysis & Rating System (STARS) Workshop - September 30, 2011

The City of Eugene hosted a training workshop on the Sustainable Transportation Analysis & Rating System (STARS) for planning processes, since the STARS-Plan framework will be used as a tool to identify goals, objectives, and policies for the plan.