Project Information


Eugene is known for making independent decisions that are right for our community and for the environment, as well as using innovative transportation options. This update of the City’s Transportation System Plan is considering forward-thinking transportation policies and projects that will help the community grow in a healthy and sustainable direction.
In Oregon, every city, county, and the state is required to have a Transportation System Plan and each plan coordinates with the other existing plans. Historically, Eugene and Springfield developed this plan jointly, with the last plan completed over a decade ago. The current Transportation System Plan is creating a unique plan for Eugene (Springfield has created its own).
The resulting plan will include all transportation modes, including freight, walking and biking, cars, transit, rail networks, and flying. The Transportation System Plan will become the transportation chapter of the City’s comprehensive land use and development plan (Envision Eugene).

Current Project

The City of Eugene completed Phase 1 of the project in summer 2013, which included a study of current conditions and how the system should address the community’s growth and transportation needs over the next 20 years. The result of Phase 1 was a comprehensive list of projects and programs that were developed by the community and a project team.

Phase 1 (2010 – mid 2013) completed the following tasks:

  • Identified existing transportation system needs and opportunities
  • Identified future transportation system needs
  • Prepared goals, objectives, and policies to guide the plan 
  • Created the "universe" of project ideas and potential solutions
  • Screened the potential solutions to determine feasible ideas

Phase 2 (mid 2013 – 2016) will:

  • Evaluate the feasible ideas
  • Prepare and refine a set of recommendations to include in the plan
  • Prepare cost estimates for the projects
  • Create policies that dovetail with the policies in Envision Eugene
  • Create and adopt the Transportation System Plan
Phase 2, currently underway, builds off the Phase 1 projects; studying and comparing them to see which to include in the final plan. The projects are grouped into categories: complete within 20 years, complete after 20 years, and complete when private or public development takes place (allowing flexibility in the timing of projects to increase efficiency of construction). Additionally, the plan will recommend projects and policies that need more study. The project lists will be incorporated into city, county, and state transportation plans, as well as a funding plan.
Your comments are welcome throughout the project, either at public meetings or online. After the draft plan is published, it will be revised and considered by the City Council for local adoption then formalized by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).