Project Information

The Project Study Area included the area inside the Eugene city limits and the Urban Growth Boundary. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan provides an update of the pedestrian and bicycle elements in the current Transportation System Plan (TSP). In other words, this project  suggests improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists (and other non-motorized forms of transportation) for the City. The final Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan will become part of the TSP, which covers all transportation modes used in the City (visit the Eugene TSP website for more information about this project).

Close up view of the project study area, including Eugene city limits and Urban Growth Boundary

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According to the 2007 American Community Survey:

  • nearly 11% of Eugene residents use bicycles as their primary commute mode
  • an additional 6.5% commute by walking

Not only are these some of the highest non-motorized mode shares in the country, they are rapidly increasing. Compared to 2000, the total number of workers commuting via bicycling or walking has increased by 39%, while population has grown by only 11%.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan allowed for the City to build on these successes to develop a connected non-motorized transportation network that supports City and State goals:

  • Decrease emissions,
  • Increase transportation options,
  • Improve safety, and
  • Combat climate change.

Timeline for Eugene Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan - February 2011

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Setting the Stage

In January 2008, the City completed its Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Plan. This plan used a community visioning process to develop goals and strategies to improve walking and bicycling. It helped build the foundation for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, which was required to develop infrastructure improvements that support the Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Plan.

Other planning projects that affect walking and bicycling conditions in Eugene: