The City of Eugene is creating a plan to improve transportation safety and reliability for residents and businesses, as well as making it easy for everyone to get around! By updating its Transportation System Plan (TSP) the City is looking for ways to improve the transportation system over the next 20 years for people traveling by bike, foot, wheelchairs and scooters, bus, car, truck, train, and airplane.
The plan will be coordinated with Envision Eugene, the Eugene Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, the Eugene Airport Master Plan, and other regional transportation plans. These plans complement each other by covering different topics. For instance, the Transportation System Plan addresses Eugene's transportation needs, while Envision Eugene plans for the City's housing and employment needs over the next 20 years.

What's New?

A draft of the 2035 Eugene TSP is now available. This draft includes up-to-date content including policies and actions, project lists, and a description of the factors affecting the plan’s evolution.  It does not yet include maps of projects and other figures and photos.  You can find prior drafts of the pedestrian and bike system maps in the City’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.
In a few months, the City will begin a formal review period leading to adoption.  The City will host public hearings and other comment opportunities during that formal review period.  In the meantime, you are welcome to provide comments on this draft directly to Kurt Yeiter, Senior Transportation Planner, at
To view the Draft TSP, visit the 2035 TSP page

Where do we go from here?

The City will begin a formal public review process for the TSP in 2016. Check back for updates.  

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