Project Information


Coburg PlaygroundIn Oregon, every city and county within the state is required to have a Transportation System Plan (TSP). The Coburg TSP was ammended in 2004, and is due for an update. Plus, the recent planning process and adoption of the Urbanization Study shows us that we need to plan for more people and more development in the future. Every TSP needs to coordinate with the other TSPs of nearby cities and counties, as well as with State policies. The Coburg TSP will still be consistent with the Regional TSP and will be coordinated with the TSPs being created in Springfield and Eugene. These other plans are being prepared now and on-going coordination will take place between all of these local and regional planning processes.

Current Project

The City of Coburg is studying the current transportation system to determine what improvement will be required to meet the long-term (20-year) needs of Coburg’s residents, businesses, and visitors. The result of this study will be a TSP that will include all transportation modes, including freight, pedestrians and bicyclists, transit, and cars. The TSP will then be included in the city’s comprehensive plan, as the chapter dedicated to transportation issues.

The TSP will be developed to comply with Oregon’s Transportation Planning Rule (TPR) and will be developed to align with the Oregon Highway Plan, and other local and state policies, plans, and rules, while preserving the unique character of Coburg that local citizens desire.

A draft TSP is expected to become available for public review in late 2012; however, public comment will be collected throughout the life of the project. Comments on the draft plan will be reviewed and considered by the project team. The revised TSP will then be considered for local adoption by the City Council and formalized by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). The adopted TSP will include the Interchange Area Management Plan (IAMP), Coburg Loop Path Implementation Strategy, a project list that can be incorporated into city, county and state transportation plans and will match potential funding sources to the identified projects.